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These are consolidated appeals; that in Cause No. 36090 from the granting of a special order allowing the appellant (hereinafter the defendant) to file a notice of appeal out of time, Rule 81.07, from a default judgment entered in the Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis on September 28, 1973, and that in Cause No. 36091 from an order of the same court denying defendant's First Amended Motion to Set Aside Judgment And to Quash Execution And Petition For Review. Respondetn (hereinafter the plaintiff) filed in this court a Motion To Dismiss the Appeal in Cause No. 36090, on the grounds that the defendant does not satisfy the criteria for the granting of the special order. Plaintiff's Motion to Dismiss has been taken with the case. For reasons hereinafter set out, we sustain plaintiff's Motion to Dismiss defendant's appeal from the default judgment, entered on September 28, 1973, in the Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis and we further affirm the trial court's denial of defendant's Motion to Set Aside Judgment, Quash Execution and Petition for Review. Plaintiff filed his petition seeking damages for violation of the Service Letter Statute, § 290.140 RSMo. 1939, on the 14th day of March, 1973. Count I of plaintiff's petition prayed for actual damages of $21,000.00; Count II, punitive damages of $100,000.00 Personal service was had on C.T. Corporation System, 314 North Broadway, St. Louis, Missouri, the registered agent of the defendant, by serving a copy of the petition and a summons on E. G. Farrelley, Secretary of the C. T. Corporation System on March 16, 1973. No appearance having been entered on behalf of the defendant, and no motions or answer having been filed, plaintiff on June 12, 1973, upon request, was granted a default and inquiry, and the cause was set for hearing on June 28, 1973. On June 28, 1973, defendant still being in default, inquiry was conducted and at the request of the trial court a memorandum was filed and the cause was taken under submission. On September 28, 1974, judgment was entered in behalf of plaintiff in the amount of $21,000.00 on Count I of his petition and $75,000.00 on Count II of his petition.

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