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Three unique lessons that will SAVE YOU SHOTS WITHOUT CHANGING YOUR SWING! 

Praise for Pre-Shot: “The more I use it, the more I get better” - High-handicapper; “So simple, so effective” - Seven handicap club golfer; “It saves you shots on the course” - County team player. 

This easy-to-understand book is based on the latest neuroscience and shows the first three lessons in the ground-breaking Pre-Shot Golf Training system. The book will enable you to immediately begin improving your golf - whether you are still learning the game, a keen club player or an aspiring professional. It starts by providing a basic overview of the how the human brain functions and how this can be used to radically improve your golf so you hit better shots and shoot lower scores on the golf course. The book also takes you through a range of simple, practical exercises which are easy and enjoyable to implement. 

You will learn all about: Building a solid physical routine; Building a robust mental routine; 

Lesson 1 - Stop concentrating on the wrong things when you strike the ball; Lesson 2 - Stop destroying your confidence after your shot; build it instead; Lesson 3 - Stop doubting yourself as you set-up to the ball; Putting it all together. Pre-Shot helps golfers of all standards to train themselves to hit more great shots and achieve lower scores. You don't have to change your swing. Whether you are a beginner, a keen club golfer or an aspiring pro, this system is for you. It has been created by Jon Finn, golf psychology consultant to the Professional Golfers Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Finn works at the Association’s National Training Academy at The Belfry, in the UK. Golf is arguably the most mentally demanding of all sports and the Pre-Shot system is for players of all abilities. It will help them radically improve this aspect of their game and increase their success and enjoyment on the course. 

Jon Finn has developed Pre-Shot during a decade of teaching and coaching. 

It consists of easy-to-understand golf-related exercises which tap into the latest neuroscience and understanding of which parts of the human brain are used by golfers. The simple, practical exercises can be performed anywhere. The effectiveness of the Pre-Shot training programme has been proven with players of all standards; from high handicappers to European tour players. Here is more feedback from range of Golfers who have experienced the power of Pre-Shot: "It can help the club golfer massively" - PGA Pro; "I've had a win and two top tens this year. It's a great tool for people of all abilities" - Tour player and Assistant PGA Pro; "The Pre-Shot system allows you to do your best more often "- International sports psychologist. 

For many people, Jack Nicklaus is the greatest golfer of all time. He said that, “a good golf shot is 10% swing, 40% setup and 50% mental”. 

He was right! Download this now and start hitting better shots and achieving lower scores. 

Find out more about Pre-Shot here: www.pre-shot.co.uk

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November 9
Jon Finn

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