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The ending of an unhealthy relationship leaves Lexi Reed damaged, broken and alone. Fighting against self-doubt and an unsupportive family she runs away to Europe in an effort to not only heal but to discover who she is.

Settling in Rome had never been the plan but when the opportunity presented itself Lexi rolled with the punches. Lexi doesn't believe in a happily-ever-after, instead she enjoys the spoils of the majestic city and the many men that crossed her path, vowing to never again give away her heart.

When Lexi flirts with Riccardo Cassius, a good-looking stranger, she has no idea that he is the youngest son of one of the wealthiest and most influential families in all of Rome. The knowledge that he was “off-limits” inciting her desire for him further. Just one night, that’s all she asked. What Lexi hadn’t counted on was Riccardo’s unwillingness to let her walk away.

Rebelling against his conservative upper class family and the crazy relationship rules she has imposed, Riccardo fights to keep Lexi in his life and defy the odds. How far will each of them go? Will Lexi allow Riccardo into her heart or is she destined to break his?

Lexi is a standalone novella in the Lexi Series. The prequel to A Twist of Fate, it delves into Lexi’s past and explores how she evolved into the impulsive, feisty woman who doesn't allow other’s ideals to define her

30 May
T Gephart

Customer Reviews

BelleWallis ,


I have been waiting with baited breath for the final book in the series wondering nervously if T Gephart had another smash on her hands or if I'd be left disappointed and feeling like "my girl" had been over done and the series should have been put to bed....Well after spending most of the night eagerly refreshing waiting for uk iTunes to finallllly have the book...I wasn't in the best of moods...within a few pages T had changed all of that and had me laughing in utter glee at Lexis antics and quick retorts!!! It felt like an revisiting an old friend and THAT is Gephart's magic, her characters aren't 2d cardboard cut outs from the "romantic lead guide" they're real and edgy, they f**k up and say the wrong thing but they're always true to her vision of the character and her back story! Which leads me nicely back to the book....even If this is your first visit to planet 'Lexi' I defy you to not fall in love with her and demand to know more!!!
Bravo madam Gephart! Bravo!!

Wooleejumpa ,

Good but.…

This is book one of a series and leaves the reader with a massive cliffhanger.

Lisac69 ,


I have just finished reading Lexi, it is a great book, i couldn't stop reading. It made me want to be Lexi! I would recommend the Lexi series to all readers out there. T Gephart is an excellent Author and I can't wait for more of her books. Keep writing T Gephart! Xx

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