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This book is a compilation of years and years of research, reflection, discoveries and attempts at making sense. This book is not like your typical ones. It makes sense and awakens your mind while diving you in a completely unknown world, where everything is fair, straight forward and makes sense.

How an ordinary guy went onto the pursuit of finding himself and how his discoveries changed his life completely into an extraordinary one. This is a journey of becoming the hero of your own life and living to the utmost limits.

In a world of possibilities, why are most people still stuck in a world that seems impossible to live in and why are people dying each day with regrets and while breathing their last breath start to realize that they have not yet figured out their purpose to life and they have not achieved anything yet God is asking for them back? Is this world really that bad?

This book will take you on a journey of discovering yourself in depth and will teach you how to achieve your goals in a realistic way. This is not any big names’ book but this is the discoveries and the answers to life of a 19 years old guy who hated school so much and did everything he could to fail just to drop out but he ended up passing his exams every time, literally.

This is a book of an ordinary guy revealing how to win at life and become extraordinary. This is not a fictional tale but rather a guide to becoming the person of your dreams. A guide to help you find inner peace and happiness. And a guide to defeat your insecurities, conquer your fears and make your dreams a reality. We all started as an ordinary person but our journey will determine if we will die as an extraordinary person or not. Fate does not write itself but you write your own destiny.

This is a book of possibilities and opportunities. Indulge yourself in a world where everything is possible. Such a world that motivates and helps you to become your own hero.

"Your action is none but a pen that is writing your very own destiny. Make sure to write not a good one but the best one" - Prince

Health & Well-Being
February 10

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