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Were panthers are an ancient race. For millennia they have lived alongside humans, always keeping their true selves secret for fear of persecution. They are a private people. Their past is cloaked in mystery and their ways are not always understood, even by other shifters. However, despite their best efforts to remain hidden from the public eye, an undeniable fact can no longer be ignored; one day their existence will be discovered. In preparation for this day and with the hope of creating a better understanding between the peoples of this world, one farsighted were panther has allowed me to share a few stories from his long life.

Join me on a journey that begins more than four centuries ago...

Prequel to the highly successful "Black Silk."

Fiction & Literature
September 9
Jan Gordon

Customer Reviews

Honey Tee ,

Can't put them down

Always checking for new books by Jan Gorden and Nicky Charles, these 2 are amazing authors and I can't put their stories down. Looks like I'll be living in my favourite world again 😊👍 can't wait for the next lot of books to come out x

Hayleykin ,

Life in the shadows

At first, I was slightly disappointed as I was expecting another book like black silk....BUT then I started reading more an more and came to love this book!!! Loved the characters and the different genres! This was a brilliant book, and LOVED how it spun at the end to connect between black silk and Bonded (I have read all nicky Charles' books)! Truely amazing and can't wait for the next book :) thank you x

Esthersollis ,

Life in the shadows

Fantastic story can't wait to find out what happens to all the charecters from yours and nicky Charles's books please don't make me wait too long

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