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Growing up a military brat and spending eight years overseas with the Army Medical Corps, clinical social worker, Willa Smith, has had enough of rules and regulations. Still able to work with veterans as she did at the VA Hospital, she is much happier at the new and far more relaxed South Avenue Shelter, until one of its residents is implicated in a murder.

Former military turned security operative, Dimas Mazur, has worked for PASS security, his brother’s company, since he returned stateside after a disabling injury. The job keeps him busy, but when a homeless veteran he knows runs into trouble with the law, he doesn’t hesitate to jump in. The strong-headed counselor at the shelter where his friend stayed is an unexpected bonus.

Until she puts herself square in the sights of the man he’s trying to take down.

11 May
Freya Barker

Customer Reviews

TM247 ,

Grab a copy

You’re guaranteed a few certainties when you pick up a Freya Barker book, namely you’re gonna pretty much ‘get’ the characters, you’ll encounter some real life issues that are more than believable (that you’ve maybe personally encountered or are familiar with), you’ll definitely be pulled in to an action packed, fast paced, engaging story and you’re without doubt gonna get snark, humour, heat, attraction and smokin’ hot sexy times when it comes to the leads!!!

Dimas and Willa’s story is the second book in the PASS series and we were introduced to Dimi in the first book, which featured Jake & Rosie.

I need to start by saying that on initial impression in Life & Limb I thought Dimas was gonna be a bit of a player and that I wasn’t gonna like him as much as I’d originally though (or hoped).... but hey, why did I worry?? Ms Freya always gives you a reason to feel for her main characters and Dimas Mazur was no different!

Willa I was on board with from the get go. I liked the way she thought but I really enjoyed watching her character development and how she began to reassess some of her long held beliefs. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, knew what she wanted but wasn’t too stubborn or afraid to admit that she might have been living her life looking at things with an overly critical POV.

I liked the threads running through the story and while I thought I had a couple of characters pegged I didn’t quite get them right until more crumbs had been laid and we were heading for the end of the book. Characters were on-points as ever, we all know some folk like Willa’s parents, it was great catching up with Rosie & Jake and what was happening in their lives and I loved the hints at Bree’s possible leading man. I cannot wait for more in this series!!!

5* recommended read - and while you don’t have to have read Hit & Run before you dive into Life & Limb you should IMHO grab a copy and familiarise yourself with the PASS team and what they’re all about.

Heath200 ,

Great author

Life and Limb by Freya Barker is the second book in her PASS series. It follows Dimas and Willa. Willa, has grown up in a conservative household with very traditional gender roles and has never had a proper relationship, in the fear that she’ll lose her independence. Dimas, is former special forces and now works for his brothers protection company and again never had a proper relationship. The 2 hit it off but are both wary about getting too attached until Willa’s life is under threat. I enjoy all of Freya Barker’s books to date, enjoy her writing style, depth of characters and stories. I would recommend this book.

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