Light Out of Darkness—Lux E Tenebris (Thelema and the Necronomicon‪)‬

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Read the book that your Imperator and Chief Adept does not want you to read.

A startling revelation of the brilliant intersection of the magic of Aleister Crowley, his Thelemic philosophy, and the dark forbidden magic of the Necronomicon. Revealed at last, a dark episode of the history of the Freemasonic Order of the Golden Dawn, of its founder and Imperator, the genius MacGregor Mathers, his secret teacher the famed Lux E Tenebris, and the battle to control the forgotten secrets of the dreaded black grimoire, the Necronomicon.

Read the book that everyone is losing their sanity over

In this book, one will find the Thelemic phrases associated with the fifty Sumerian (Babylonian) names of the god, Marduk. This knowledge will super-charge your magical work with the dreaded black grimoire, the Necronomicon, making you feared and respected by magicians and witches everywhere.

Learn the secret attributes of the fifty names of Marduk, and their connection with the dark Enochian magic of Doctor Dee and Edward Kelley.

Recite the forbidden invocation of Marduk in its most complete form, lost since ancient Sumer and Babylon, and finally restored to its original full glory.

Gaze upon proof that such knowledge was being utilized in the Freemasonic Golden Dawn, and its later offshoot, the Order of Thelemic Adepts, that the Golden Dawn was truly a magical Order, and not just a study group for occultists.

Read the shocking exchange of letters between Freemasonic Golden Dawn founder, William Wynn Westcott, and Fräulein Sprengel that proves that Sprengel was everything that Westcott could wish for in a Secret Chief.

What others have to say about Light Out of Darkness

“An excellent testimonial of the allure of black magic…and the hold that it has over modern occultism.”—Moses Leecher, Freemasonic Golden Dawn

“What a total load of dingo kidneys…”—Mitzy Knitter, Extraordinary Legion of Numpty Haters

“Does Eric know about this?!”—The Living Devil

“Is this libel? Is this slander? I always confuse the two. Someone call my lawyer.”—Phoenix Solomon, Chivalric Order of the Golden Dawn

“What he said—call my lawyer!”—Symbolon Gimel, Grand PooBah, Order of Thelemic Adepts

“Coming soon—this exact same information packed in a convenient hundred dollar a month correspondence course!”— Jimmie Bob Beggains, Soar via Darkness Occult and Magic Emporium and Instructional Centre

“This is proof that every historian and occult writer has their price…and are only doing it for the money.”—Mad Uncle Morgan

“It is obvious that the writer needed money to pay the plumber.”—John the plumber, the secret reincarnation of MacGregor Mathers

“How dare the translators put a real magical operation at the center of this…”—Extremely Honored Frater QA of Expensive Golden Order

“Secrecy breach! Secrecy breach!”—Supremely Honored Frater OY, One and True Order of the Golden Dawn

“One witch, two witch, three witch.”—Sister Seuss

“Some parts are obviously true. Other parts are obviously false. Unfortunately, no one can agree which parts are which.”—Nick Feral, Completely Modern Order of Crowley Haters

“I consider this to be the most important article on magic of this century.”—Elvis

“I have not read this book. I give it one star only because they mentioned that completely fake grimoire, the Necronomicon.”—Dirty Martini

“I have not read this book either; yet I give it five stars because they mentioned Thelema.”—Shirley Temple

“I met Gaius Corbin at a party, and he was the most learned and serious person there. As for the rest of the members of the Necronomicon Translation Project, they were some cool cats, and perhaps, just maybe, potheads.”—Stephanie Wiser, author of The Daemonolatry Sex Manual—Fifty Diabolical Love Making Positions (Now available in a special censored expurgated edition, thanks to those whiners at the Daily Outhouse and the f**k filters at Apricot)

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