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Linked by Desire explores submission, desire, and control through an intimate perspective in seven short stories.

A guidance councilor faces a student's desire for discipline, a bored young woman enters a sex shop on a dare, a married woman decides to save her marriage through unconventional means, a businesswoman finds unexpected joy in surrendering control to another.

These are only some of the tales in this anthology, which features bondage, oral sex, and spanking. For adults only!

My eyes drift over the paper, looking at paragraphs and figures, but when I turn the page I find that I can´t remember a word of it. It´s late, me and Andy are the last ones in the office, but I´m not here to get more work in. That´s not what keeps me here.

I glance at the clock, trying to will the arms to move faster. It doesn´t work, but it´s almost eight o´clock anyway. I press my thighs together as anticipation uncurls like a serpent, its flickering tongue teasing my core.

The temptation to let my hand drift down, to stop working, was so powerful. I´d never been like that before I met Him, I´d been a workaholic and proud of it. Now, the only thing that keeps me from saying “screw work” is His order. I'd changed so much since meeting Him. No, that's not true, we talked about this. In meeting Him I had finally met myself.

I still look like the old me, I still wear the same business suits as before, and during office hours, I'm still a slave driver to my employees. If only they could see what was underneath the clothes, they'd get such a shock. Part of me wants that, wants to show off I am His.

Fiction & Literature
August 8
Jane Mesmeri

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