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Informed Decision Making in Work and Life

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Publisher Description

We have to make decisions all the time. Our lives are full of them, from the work we choose to the amount we save for retirement, to when, where and how we replenish our energy through socializing and play. How well we make them depends on developing, practising and mastering a consistent and reliable approach.
Reaching and keeping senior positions at work depend on our ability to make good decisions all the time: more interesting and more responsible work carries the rights to make more and wider-reaching decisions. The higher up any organization, the more difficult and more influential the decisions that are made.
But were any of us taught at school, college or work how to make better decisions?

This book, by Sharon Curry and Andrew St George, provides a very simple system for making good decisions, tried and tested in a wide variety of workplaces, and under extreme conditions with clients from military to health to commercial to consultancies to international governments. The process derives from the Royal Marines and military planning, fully extended and adapted to match the challenges of everyday lives. The process is underwritten by sound psychological principles - used right, it will never let you down.

Business & Personal Finance
14 November
John Murray Press

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