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Escape with Jenny Colgan in 2021. The paperback of Jenny's latest bestseller, FIVE HUNDRED MILES FROM YOU, and her new feel-good novel, SUNRISE BY THE SEA, are both available for pre-order now.

'A sheer delight from start to finish' Sophie Kinsella

In a quaint seaside resort, a charming bakery holds the key to another world . . .
With recipes for you to try yourself at home

'An evocative, sweet treat' Jojo Moyes
'Gorgeous, glorious, uplifting' Marian Keyes
'Irresistible' Jill Mansell
'Just lovely' Katie Fforde
'Naturally funny, warm-hearted' Lisa Jewell
'A gobble-it-all-up-in-one-sitting kind of book' Mike Gayle

Polly Waterford is recovering from a toxic relationship. Unable to afford their flat, she has to move miles away from everyone, to a sleepy little seaside resort in Cornwall, where she lives alone above an abandoned shop.

And so Polly takes out her frustrations on her favourite hobby: making bread. But what was previously a weekend diversion suddenly becomes far more important as she pours her emotions into kneading and pounding the dough, and each loaf becomes better and better. With nuts and seeds, olives and chorizo, with local honey (courtesy of local bee keeper, Huckle), and with reserves of determination and creativity Polly never knew she had, she bakes and bakes and bakes . . . And people start to hear about it.

Sometimes, bread really is life . . . And Polly is about to reclaim hers.


Why readers ADORE Jenny Colgan

'Jenny Colgan has a way of writing that makes me melt inside'

'Her books are so good I want to start over as soon as I have finished'
'There's something so engaging about her characters and plots'
'Her books are like a big, warm blanket'
'Her stories are just so fabulous'
'She brings her settings and characters so vividly to life'
'The woman is just magic'

Fiction & Literature
March 13
Little, Brown Book Group

Customer Reviews

dolphin minx 123🙈 ,

Little beach street bakery ❤️❤️❤️

Jenny Colgan has outdone herself with this relatable story of lovely Polly who has just moved to deserted mount Polbearne after having a devastating time in Plymouth
You’ll travel along the story of her new life, through thick and thin and will encounter the stressful and strange within this beautiful book
The most simplest of things can make such a difference.

Ginas mad world ,

My go to comfort book.

I have read this book so many times and never get bored with it.

heathermary19 ,

Fabulous Surprise!!!!!

I was slightly aprehesive when I started to read this as (with out sounding fussy!!) I don't tend to go for books if they aren't in the first person. However..... this really is one of my all time classics. I loved it so much so that it took me days to read the last few pages because I didn't one the book to end! I fellt that I could relate to this book so easily. Also despite my initial aprehensiveness, the author compensated this by Polly finding a little friend! A must read, utterly wonderful and such an amazing plot.

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