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Left for dead and back by (some) popular demand, the rounds in Kenneth's revolver are terribly empty as he puts the muzzle to his head. He stares at the zombies coming straight for him on the roof as the helicopter carrying the man who crippled him sails off into the horizon. This is it. Not an easy death by suicide but one borne of suffering as the zombies are about to rip his guts out. But Kenneth isn't one to give up on killing himself so easily. He rolls himself over the edge, expecting his brains to turn into a Jackson Pollock painting on the concrete parking lot down below. But as he lands with a bounce, he's saved by a suicide net fixed on the second floor… and given a new lease of life.

He's on a mission to find Jenny, the one and only person who's cared about him throughout the medical school that he dropped out of. And when he encounters a ragtag bunch of survivors, each complete with their own pasts and grudges, can he unite them towards the common goal of survival?

Faced with betrayal, hopelessness, helplessness, complications, violence, blood and gore, Kenneth must fight the best he can with what limited means he has. For the sake of Jenny, for the sake of himself, he must fight and survive in this undead world, even if there is no escape.

[This tale is a sequel to free novelette, Living Death: Deliverance.]

Fiction & Literature
March 1
Kent Reaper

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