Publisher Description

Cancer banged on our door, barged in, set up housekeeping and took over our lives. Out of it came a booklet of 32 devotions by and for cancer patients and their families. Later we were asked to give a 45-minute seminar to a group of Stephen Ministers. These are lay people who are trained to help people with problems. Our notes for the seminar ended up becoming another booklet.
We combined the two booklets into the e-book, Living with Cancer - That Intense Houseguest.
Cancer may have already come into your home, or you may be going through tests to find out if you have cancer. Hopefully, cancer will be in your home for only a short visit, but it may have moved in to stay. As our friend Mary says, “Cancer is such an intense houseguest.”
Living with Cancer - That Intense Houseguest is intended to provide practical advice for people with cancer, their families, and their friends. It is not meant to be a spiritual guide, however, we cannot separate our spiritual lives from the rest of our experience.
How do you organize your response to a life-changing event? Hopefully this e-book will help you. As you read, you may notice things we forgot to mention. Tell us so we can include them in the next edition. You will find some repetition. With cancer, everything is interconnected, so repetition is appropriate.
In conclusion, when dealing with cancer there are no right answers or wrong answers. There are just answers that work for you. We want to help you find those answers.

Health & Well-Being
July 26
Herb Nordmeyer