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Stacey knows life isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t be this hard. Misled for over a decade by her lying, cheating, good for nothing husband, she runs as far away as she can before he’s even cold in the ground and the lawyers are coming after her hoping she can sort out the legal mess he’s left behind. Her heart has been ripped apart by the man she was supposed to love, and who was supposed to love her back. She’s become a skeptic of love and doesn’t want to ever give herself up so completely, opening up the possibility of heartache once again.

So she’s more than shocked when life seems to start coming together for her on the Texas ranch where she’s offered a job—the only job she’s had in years. With no family around, she starts to create her own with the employees she hires and the owner of the ranch.

Stacey is nearly swept off her feet when she meets Owen, but she makes sure to stay on solid ground. Will she be able to give of herself the way she’ll have to if she wants any chance at a loving relationship? Or will she seal her heart behind impenetrable walls that even the most charming, handsome man can’t break down, securing a future of loneliness and self reliance?

== > Love on the Buchanan Ranch is approx. 26K words and is volume 1 in the A Texas Love Story series and is planned to unfold over multiples volumes.

20 March
Elizabeth Nelson Books

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