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By award-winning author Jerry Spinelli, the story of Stargirl continues...

The emotive sequel to the bestselling modern classic, STARGIRL, by Jerry Spinelli - soon to be an original film on Disney+!

In the form of letters to Leo, written over the course of a year, this moving and lyrical book charts Stargirl's feelings as she comes to terms with the loss of Leo and starts to make new friends.

Young Adult
May 5
Hachette Children's Group

Customer Reviews

Jam jam b ,

You sir are a genuine genius

Well I don't know we're to start. When I read this book it was the first time I actually got sucked into a book so much, usually I'm the type who can't get into this sort of a book, who can't image it there head like a rolling film. Well with this I did I created a full image of wear she lived and all the streets and all the people in almost an instant. When I read the words in my head it almost felt like I wasn't reading them but that I was simply watching happen inside me. The reason why I don't continue with books after the first phew pages is because there all so dull, the never have something original, inspiring or simply eye catching.

But with this book the character star girl compelled me because the way she see's the world is her own its a place full of magic and riddles. A place of happiness and serenity, I wish I could be as calm as her and not be afraid to express myself in this way not afraid to simply go out on a park bench and just sit there with your eyes closed as the winter winds cool my eyelids and not get laughed at by passing kids from my school or another relative. Star girl is so lucky since she doesn't have a world like that everyone loves her for who she is why can't this happen in reality?

The riddles she makes on the spot are pure genius and wouldn't have been said by any ordinary person it will take a very intelligent mind to speak such true and original words. Sorry that I say the word origonal a lot I just don't think there is any other decent word to describe it as.

One thing I did get annoyed at was at the end it didn't say who she specifically loves because in my opinion I prefer perry since he was the main boy in this book, he sounded really popular and that Leo dumped her. It just saddens me since I first saw this book at school so I thought sure lets have a read who knows if I like it and then founding was absolutely in love with it. Not knowing there was a previous book all about her and Leo so I took a look at that one and found out it wasn't to her point of view but of someone else's skimming through a phew pages I couldn't help myself but to go by to the second one because as much as the first caught my eye as well that was the first one I saw and the first one I fell in love with so I was determined to finish that one. Who cares if its backwards really as long as you read the books and enjoy them it's fine, in a way it also reminds me of Star Wars since that was done all jumbled up to.

The last thing I want to say is that if anyone is reading this who hasn't yet read the book (that is if you can see this review or basically conversation to the author) and that you have read through all of this nonsense not having a clue what it is I would first like to thank you for still reading and for you to read this book the amount of different emotions, unexpected experiences and type of friends she meats will make anyone's life interesting. Something new happens on each page but not to spoil anything I think the further it goes on it gets better when you start reaching the end.

This book has inspired me to write my own one day intact I think I'll start tomorrow I'm still only in high school so it probably won't be as good as any of this but I've been told that I have a good imagination so will try to stick to it no matter how side tracked or bord I get I'll keep going (or at least try to)

Nibbler is mine ,

Stargirl is amazing

I found myself spellbound by stargirl yet again. In this novel I saw stargirl grow up and deal with problems like falling in love and having to choose over 2 different guys. The way this book is written helps captivate the reader and leaves them hanging on right till the end.
Truly amazing and down to earth story that will leave a mark on your hearts. I was actually disappointed that this ended a stargirl series but I am hoping for a good sequel or maybe a movie adaptation to this.

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