Lovers in London - 3 Book Box Set

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USA Today Bestselling Author, Lexy Timms, brings you the first three books in the Billionaire in London series in one collection!

Book 1

Love is not something you protect. It's something you risk.

Daniel Connor has a problem. A big one.

Even though his company is a billion-dollar success in the hospitality industry, he's just opened a few new properties in the United States and is failing at every turn. He's never met a problem he couldn't solve, but this particular problem is beyond him.

He needs an expert. A fixer.

Enter Eleanor Sawyer, fixer extraordinaire. Though she generally only works in the US, the salary Daniel offers her—and the good looks she sees across their first meeting—are impossible for her to turn down, and she makes the journey to the UK to work with his company on their problems.

But the UK isn't as easy to navigate as she expected, and when she ends up living on Daniel's property outside the city—and needing to call him every time something goes wrong—she starts to think there might be more to life in England than just fixing a company's issues.

This contract was never meant to be anything but professional. The problem is, the longer Daniel and Eleanor work together, the more personal it becomes.

And neither one of them is all that interested in changing it.

Book 2

You have everything you need to build something bigger than yourself…

Daniel Connor, owner and CEO of Connor Hotels, and Eleanor Sawyer, the fixer he hired to solve his company's problems in the American market, have come to the US to do research and get a closer view of what might be going wrong.

The problem is, before they left the UK, they shared a number of adventures and one steamy kiss that left them both wanting more… and afraid to admit it.

Now that they're in the US and Daniel has decided to play tourist, they're in for a few new adventures, and with all the feelings they've got bubbling under the surface, and another steamy kiss on the schedule, both are wondering whether they're going to be able to see this contract out and save the chain of hotels… or throw in the towel and make the most unprofessional move ever by admitting their feelings for one another.

Book 3

Sometimes sacrifices are worth the cost. Even, or perhaps most especially, those made out of love.

Eleanor Sawyer is a fixer. People pay her to fix their companies for them, and she's never met a problem she couldn't figure out.

Until Daniel Connor hired her.

And it's not his company she's having problems with. No, she has a plan for how to increase Connor Hotels' sales in the American market, and it's good enough that she's impressing even herself.

When it comes to figure out Daniel himself, though, and those flashing eyes, smiling lips, and flirty looks… along with the occasional kiss… she's finding herself at a complete loss. She doesn't know if she wants to play along or tell him to remember who she is: just another employee.

Because now she's got an even bigger problem.

She's starting to fall in love with him.

Lovers in London Series
Book 1 – Risking MillionsBook 2 – Venture CapitalBook 3 – Worth the ExpenseBook 4 – The Price of LuxuryBook 5 – Exclusive PassionBook 6 - Sparkling Christmas

7 December
Dark Shadow Publishing

Customer Reviews

GrammarGremlin ,

Frequent errors and too slow paced

I’ve read some of Lexy Timms book previously and have liked them well enough but I’m reluctant to opt for one of her titles in the future in case I’ll set myself up for further frustration.

I can overlook infrequent spelling or grammar errors in books, but the errors in this box set happened so frequently that it became an obstacle to enjoying the story.

In addition to that, if I’d only read the first book (rather than downloading the three book box set), I’m not sure I would have bothered with the second or third. The story took too long to build and the main characters (Daniel and Eleanor) seemed to swing too quickly between building attraction and stoic professionalism. Then, after finally allowing the romance to develop more organically in the third book, the end left me feeling less like it was a cliffhanger to make me want to read on, and more like the brakes had been slammed on and we were putting it in reverse.

The really irritating thing is, I don’t want to pay to read the next book in the series but I hate being left feeling like I’ve invested time in a story that hasn’t delivered on what it promised. Not the way to build anticipation for your readers.

MattAriane ,

I wish I could give 0 star

Don’t bother, waste of time

Bigbird6160 ,


Do not waste your money. I don’t think the author has ever visited the UK and London but based her characters on outdated stereotypes. No spicey food in London? British characters using words I, a British person, had to look up. And it defied belief that the main character, a self made billionaire, was so in awe of ideas from the American character. It was also obvious the author had no idea how much rich people spend on clothes etc. $1000 for a dress and shoes. Try 10 times that amount. $1000 would hardly get you a dress

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