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Lust and Desire:50 Stories of Erotica

Lust and Desire. We have all been there, A fleeting glance at a beautiful stranger and wonder how hot the sex would be with them. Are you in need for intense sexual release? Well this large Collection is sure to please. Fifty hot  scenarios with lovely women exploring their fantasies.  Sex with a stranger?  Got it.  Group sex?  Sure thing! In this collection we have first Threesomes, first A**l sex, first time Lesbian sex, Double Penetration Erotica, Domination and Submission Erotica, BDSM, MILF erotica, GangBangs, Paranormal Erotica, and lots more! It's all here in this massive hot collection of Fifty Erotica Stories just a click away!

Warning: This ebook contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes group sex, g******g sex, rough sex, first a**l sex, double penetration, lesbian sex, Paranormal Erotica, and more.  Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that kind of content offensive should read this large collection.

Stories by Joni Blake

1. Kara’s Surprise Party: My First G******g Story by Joni Blake

2. Leslie’s New Neighbors: The MILF Next Door Erotica by Joni Blake

3. Susan’s First Time: First Lesbian Threesome Erotica by Joni Blake

4. Jennifer's Library Encounter: First time a**l sex with a stranger by Joni Blake

Stories by Riley Wylde

5. Jessica and the Funtorch: Parts 1 and 2 by Riley Wylde 

6. Hotel Room Wife Swap: A Wife Slut Group Sex Erotica Story by Riley Wylde

7. Bent Over the Kitchen Counter: A MILF Erotica Story by Riley Wylde

8. Kirk and My New Lingerie: A Rough Sex Erotica Story by Riley Wylde

9. The MILF on Vacation: Older Woman/Younger Man Sex in Public by Riley Wylde

10. Screwing My Best Friend and Her Husband: An FFM Ménage a Trois Erotica Story by Riley Wylde

11. My Threesome with Krystal: The MILF’s FFM Adventure by Riley Wylde

12. The Handyman Makes Me Happy: A MILF Stranger Sex Story by Riley Wylde

Stories by Sara Scott

13. Afternoon Dee-Light: Coraline Between Two Cocks by Sara Scott

14. Bred By The Boss: An Impregnation Short by Sara Scott

15. Punished With Double Penetration: A MFM Threesome Erotica Story by Sara Scott

16. Karmen’s All Girl Orgy: A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Sara Scott

Stories by Dawn Devore

17. Little Red and the Werewolf: A Fairy Tale Erotica Story by Dawn Devore

18. Mistaken for a Call Girl: A First A**l Sex with Stranger Erotica Story by Dawn Devore

19. Kyle's Roommate: Older Woman/Younger Man Erotica Story by Dawn Devore

20. Sorority Surprise: A Hazing Story with First Lesbian Sex by Dawn Devore

21. Caught with the Dildo and Taken From Behind: A First A**l Sex Erotica Story by Dawn Devore

Stories by Alice J. Woods

22. The Girl Who Bites: Vampire Erotica Romance by Alice J. Woods

23. The Client List: An Erotic Vampire Story by Alice J. Woods

24. To Save Them All: A Vampire Erotica Story by Alice J. Woods

25. Inked For Sex: A Sex Curse Story by Alice J. Woods

26. Computer Love: Cybersex with a Stranger by Alice J. Woods

27. The Amulet: A Vampire Erotica Story by Alice J. Woods

28. Love From Beyond: Paranormal Erotica by Alice J. Woods

29. Puppet Masters: A Ghost Sex Story by Alice J. Woods

30. Love Spells Disaster: The Dark Arts of Vampire Erotica by Alice J. Woods

31. The Muse: An Erotic Vampire Story by Alice J. Woods

Stories by Lisa Myers

32. Stacie’s First Threesome: Hot Threesome Erotica by Lisa Myers

33. Nikki and the Security Officer: Explicit Lesbian Erotica by Lisa Myers

34. Sheila does the Handyman: Sexy Cougar Erotica by Lisa Myers

35. Mandi’s Biology Project: College G******g Erotica by Lisa Myers

36. Kami and The Vampire’s Secret: Paranormal Erotica by Lisa Myers

37. Restraints in an Office Fling: A**l Sex and Bondage Erotica by Lisa Myers

Stories by April Fisher

38. Star Attraction: An Erotic Romance by April Fisher

39. Shawna’s Revenge: A Lesbian Seduction Story by April Fisher

40. Rebecca’s Roommate: A Lesbian Erotica Story by April Fisher

41. The Research Assistant: First Lesbian Erotica by April Fisher

42. Getting a Bone: An Erotic Romance by April Fisher

Stories by Missy Allen

43. In a Pinch: the Mistress demands cock, NOW! by Missy Allen

44. Surprise Party: Rick’s wife likes girls too, SURPRISE! by Missy Allen

45. Whips and Chains: A Secret Desire for Lesbian Domination by Missy Allen

46. Librarian in Bondage by Missy Allen

47. Getting Off: Voyeurism and Masturbation go Hand in Hand by Missy Allen

48. HOLY F*CK!: Swinging with the Preacher’s Wife by Missy Allen

Story by Zoey Winters 

49. Submissive Desire: My first time with Bondage by Zoey Winters

Novella by Jessica Silver

50. Finding Rebecca by Jessica Silver

Threesome Erotica, Lesbian Erotica, G******g Erotica, A**l and Double Penetration Erotica, Domination and Submission Erotica, Paranormal Erotica, erotica collection

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April 9
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