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This is a unique book written by a husband and wife team, both medical doctors at the top of their profession in the UK. Their strong Indian roots and nearly twenty years of living and working abroad is reflected in the layout and systematic approach of this edition. Above all this book is a 'labour of love' and a tribute to the late Jagjit Singh. Several well-known literary personalities, friends and colleagues of Jagjit Singh joined the authors in this journey. The book begins with a poem foreword by Gulzar and ends with an afterword by Aalok Shrivastav. There are many facets to the book which includes not just 400 lyrics all sung and composed by Jagjit Singh but an academic attempt to classify each composition by the mood evoked in the listener using the ancient Indian theatre concept of Rasa's. The lyrics are presented in both Devanagari script and Phonetic English so that a singer unable to read Hindi can still attempt to sing Jagjit Singh's compositions. 

This unique book offers a glimpse into the author's personal memoirs as described through the influence of Jagjit Ji's music. It also includes several memories and rare photographs shared with the authors by many Jagjit Singh followers and confidantes. Additionally the authors have included a 3000 worded INTERACTIVE dictionary as a bonus feature. This work would not have been possible without the blessings of Chitra Jagjit Singh and contributions from many individuals and support from the poets all of whom are duly acknowledged in this book.

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January 8
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