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Have you ever wondered where comedians come from? Why is it that one person is a funny bloke down the pub while another actually makes a living by standing up in front of an audience telling jokes? And where does all that material come from? Well, young Lee McKillop used to wonder that too.

Growing up in his parents’ pub, small and wiry in a world of bigger and chunkier specimens, Lee quickly learned that cracking jokes was a way to get attention. After a somewhat random series of jobs, which included being Red Rum’s stableboy and a bingo hall barman, it was as a Great Yarmouth holiday camp entertainer that he had his first crack at telling jokes on stage. It got him some laughs, the sack and a punch in the face.*

Now, as Lee Mack, he’s one of our best loved and most successful comedians, both as a live stand-up and on television. In Mack the Life, Lee tells the story of how he got there and gives extraordinary insight into what really makes comics tick. Hilarious and brilliant, it’s the kind of book which reminds you why you learned to read in the first place.


September 27

Customer Reviews

olderbutnotwiser ,

Mack the knife

I really liked this book. You can hear Lee Mack's voice when you read it and his humour shines through on every page. Love the little comic asides halfway through sentences and the chats with the psychiatrist.

Would make a good training manual for aspiring comedians- as much for the 'don'ts' as well as the 'dos'.

Worth the cost just for the pictures at the back alone!

Never boring, always funny, sometimes laugh out loud hilarious. Highly recommended.

lilleyjnr ,


Im not going to lie to you I haven't read all of the book yet but what I have read so far has been bloody brilliant.

Thanks Lee.

NoValuedOpinion ,

Would I lie to you?

I haven't downloaded it yet, shouldn't it be in the free downloads?
Has Mitchell got a book out yet? Or Rob?
Oh we'll back to Alan Partridge.

My wife just told me to shut up and download it .

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