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The Heresy came to Calth without warning. In just a few hours of betrayal and bloodshed, the proud warriors of the XIIIth Legion – Guilliman’s own Ultramarines – were laid low by the treachery of their erstwhile brothers of the XVIIth. Now, as the planet is scoured by solar flares from the wounded Veridian star, the survivors must take the fight to the remaining Word Bearers and their foul allies, or face damnation in the gloomy arcology shelters beneath the planet’s surface. 

In this all-new collection of stories by authors including Dan Abnett and Aaron Dembski-Bowden, witness the untold tales of the Underworld War. In the novella-length ‘Calth That Was’, Graham McNeill highlights the fateful encounter that will alter the destiny of Captain Ventanus and shape the face of the Ultramarines Chapter for ten thousand years to come. The battle for Calth is far from over.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 10
Black Library

Customer Reviews

auraboy ,

Great mix

There's some really good stuff here - it definitely helps expand and add colour to the reason behind The Ultramarines role in the Heresy wars and each short story shows a little bit more whilst remaining well written and not overlapping too much.

I have to admit I still detest the Perpetuals and the attempt to bring 20th century story telling into this far future gothic fantasy - it really jars me out of the setting to have this Dr Who time travel story shoved in. And the knife that cuts through the worlds is lifted entirely from the His Dark Materials trilogy - the Heresy series would stand up a lot better without having these BBC children's sci-fi cast offs jammed in when the authors get bored of actual story and need a dimension hopping Dr Who and Companions to foresee all the Horus and Emperor stuff and explain it in neat little regular exposition.

That might just be my pet hate though! The overall standard is very high and it's only Dan Abnett who tends to drag in elements of his other comic book writing that grates.

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