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In Paris, an elderly man is assassinated as he takes his morning walk. In the war-torn cities of Syria, government forces wage a bloody war against their own people. The Russians are propping up the government, the French are backing one rebel fraction and the British are backing another. And in north Africa, young SAS trooper Danny Black is coming to the end of a gruelling tour of duty, or so he thinks. Danny has a new mission. An MI6 agent needs to make contact with Syrian rebel forces, and also with the private military contractors who are - unofficially - training this rebel faction as it struggles to bring down their government and establish a new regime that will be favourable to British business interests. Danny will learn who the masters of war, the men who call the shots, really are. Danny discovers a world where death is dispensed by the highest bidder and individuals will betray anybody if the price is right.

Fiction & Literature
August 29
Hodder & Stoughton

Customer Reviews

DanHayLow ,


A truly gripping book.

Darren9876 ,

At his best

This is the first of the Danny Black series. Chris Ryan at his best with this one. Will keep you hocked until the very end. Then wanting the next one as soon as possible.

theGriffs ,

Good book but...

As always, great gripping read however I was disappointed to find it was the full moon just before the end of Ramadan which is technically incorrect (the full moon is half way into the fasting) and then the story moves to the next day and the Eid festival (which is after the sighting of the new moon)… shame

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