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Enjoy the first FIVE books of Mastiff Security series. Romance, Suspense, Mystery in one. No Cliffhangers. More than 1,000 pages :)

Book One
Durango Masters was a celebrated detective with the Chicago PD until the day they found his fiancee strangled in his apartment. As Durango struggles to keep his world from falling apart, his best operative is out on a simple protection job that isn't as simple as it should have been. Axel finds himself naked and freezing to death in an old barn, discovered by his target only because the hitman likes to play games. 

Book Two
She woke, her face bruised, her wrist sprained, with no memory of what had happened the night before. Not fifteen minutes later, a knock on the door announced the police looking for the person caught in a hit and run on a traffic cam. When they told her the name of the victim, she almost believed she was responsible. But why did she have no memory of the events? Quinn Naylor's only choice was to hire the best security firm in town, Mastiff Security. How could she have known that the operative they assigned to her case would be the one person with the best reason in the world to hate her deep down to his core? Just her luck.

Book Three
Kelly just moved to a new city, made new friends, got on with her life. One friend, Tracy, makes it her mission in life to help Kelly find new love, but when Kelly refuses a blind date, Tracy goes in her place. The following Monday, Tracy is found murdered in her apartment. Afraid the past has caught up to her, Kelly seeks out her husband believing he's the only one who can keep her safe. But can they move forward together, or will they always be caught up in the events of the past?

Book Four
Zola doesn't trust men after her ex lied to her and screwed up all the carefully made plans she had laid out for her future. Having to take a job as a private security operative was just adding insult to injury. Put on top of that the cherry of having to insert herself into a reality television show where participants are stuck in a house together for weeks and weeks, and she was absolutely miserable. After just a week in the house, she finds herself getting into the game. Maybe it was the competitive nature of it. Or maybe it was Gunner Pratt, the hot forerunner who refused to pay her any mind. 

Book Five
Durango Masters has been accused of killing his fiancee, his lover, his partner, and a random assistant he barely knew. And now a former client has been found dead and police are eager to bring him in based on nothing more than a few fingerprints found in the victim's apartment. He's run out of second chances and friends willing to stick their necks out to help him. Except for one.

August 9
Glenna Sinlcair

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