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'A clear, concise, easy-to-read account of the issues between sex, gender and feminism . . . an important book' Evening Standard

'A call for cool heads at a time of great heat and a vital reminder that revolutions don't always end well' Sunday Times

Material Girls is a timely and trenchant critique of the influential theory that we all have an inner feeling known as a gender identity, and that this feeling is more socially significant than our biological sex.

Professor Kathleen Stock surveys the philosophical ideas that led to this point, and closely interrogates each one, from De Beauvoir's statement that, 'One is not born, but rather becomes a woman' (an assertion she contends has been misinterpreted and repurposed), to Judith Butler's claim that language creates biological reality, rather than describing it. She looks at biological sex in a range of important contexts, including women-only spaces and resources, healthcare, epidemiology, political organization and data collection.

Material Girls makes a clear, humane and feminist case for our retaining the ability to discuss reality, and concludes with a positive vision for the future, in which trans rights activists and feminists can collaborate to achieve some of their political aims.

6 May
Little, Brown Book Group

Customer Reviews

Mashuk84 ,


Chapter 1 is OK and informative . Author starts giving her opinion on chapter 2 and from chapter 3 the writer starts showing fear. The term “dangerous difference” has been used when in fact ‘difference’ would convey the meaning.
I disagree with the author when the author sees trans women’s participation in sports as complex problem . I am originally from Bangladesh, our average male height is different than average male height in Norway. This does not mean that we do not participate in the same men’s sport. I also disagree with the author in a number of different points raised in the book.

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