Meaning Of Dreams / Dream Analysis: The True Interpretation Of Dreams [The Ultimate Little Book About Dreams Explanation And Serious Dream Interpretation Using Dream Psychology‪]‬

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Dear Fellow Dreamer,
Hi my name is Doug. Thanks for stopping by. Please let me talk to you honestly. I sincerely hope you'll enjoy my book "Meaning Of Dreams / Dream Analysis: The True Interpretation Of Dreams" as much as I enjoyed making it live for you. Why ? Because the seven chapters are about YOU, especially if you're a bit like me and are more trusting of human “touchable” facts than any dummy nonsense from so-called dictionaries and religious teachings.
Let's be clear. I respect spirituality as being important and helpful for self-improvment.
... But c'mon! We're not living in a fairy tale, we're living down on this earth. Now, don't be sad because you got a clever choice by considering psychology as being the most concrete way to benefit from your dreams, not only by understanding them but also by using them as a key to change your real life with your own abilities, and not with archaic myths from ancient times.
In ancient times people weren't aware that the sun is a star and not some entity. Today, as we all learn the truth about the sun and many other facts, we're able to use the psychology not only for the meaning of dreams, but also for a better explanation of dreams than ever before.
Freud and Jung had turned the first stones of the real meaning of dreams but, nonetheless, their work was too complex; not many people could understand it and properly comply with it, whereas many people that did not have the persistence to learn it properly have misrepresented his words.
You may experience seeking out the meaning of your dreams by using different resources and guides possible.
Maybe you have researched manuals on dreams or psychoanalysis or maybe looking up a dictionary which is usually designed to provide you a standard definition about what your dreams could mean to you.
It’s obvious that books present diverse meanings plus some of them seem to be wrong and a long way off from your individual experiences.
In case you have felt this way after exploring various reading materials about dreams and interpretation approaches, then you definitely have to read this book.
My intention is not just top help you find meaning to your dreams. I also want to help you
manage your fears and problems and use the dreams to grow.
You really could become the best person who you were intended to be, thanks to a better understanding of your dreams!
Improve yourself and your dreams by analysing your internal life to see what your dreams have been attempting to tell you all this time. You will notice that progressively, your external life begins improving when you start becoming familiar with your inner self – your mind, body and spirit.
You will see how some of your dreams might be indicative of a worried mind and spirit due to turmoil in private relationships or long ignored body alerts of stress from work or school.
As soon as you begin recognising what these dreams mean to your personal life, you can make plans to transform your external life to better handle relationships and personal stresses. 
Today can be your time if you decide it will be. If so, read this book right now. If not yet, feel free to add it to your favourites and read it later. I decided to make it affordable for all, the price won't raise too much and be assured that you'll still receive plenty of good value from this book. Cheers, take care.


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