Meat in a French Sandwich

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Beautiful young student Mary Beth was annoyed by the music coming from her neighbour's flat. However, when she went around to complain she was greeted by a handsome French man who was so friendly she forgot to be angry and went inside for a glass of wine. His cousin, an equally gorgeous French man was also in the flat and Mary Beth was hypnotised by their accents.
It didn't take long before she was in a menage a trois with these highly sexed French men.


The two men were very close and seemed to get closer by the minute, so that she could smell their very masculine aroma and almost feel the warmth of their bodies. The young American’s mind began to drift and she acknowledged she was getting very horny.

Then it happened! Manu made a joke and leant right in to whisper in her ear. She turned her head at just the wrong time and before she knew it, their lips were connected! She thought about pulling away but didn’t and as his tongue pressed boldly into her mouth she let it. There were hands on her body and she realised they had been there for quite a while. Now though, there was no mistaking their caress as being simply fraternal. She was being quite openly and vigorously groped by both men. She came up for air and Manu made a gesture towards his cousin with his eyes. Then Eric’s hand was on her cheek and she was turning her lips to meet his, as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

Mary-Beth was turned to face the bigger of the men as Eric continued to snog her. His hand slithered up and inside her skirt then gripped her mons in a possessive way, sliding his middle finger along her lips. At the same time, Manu stood behind her. His groin was pressed hard enough against her soft buttocks for her to feel the size of his hard cock and his hands were inside her open jacket, mauling her tits with no pretence at gentleness. Mary-Beth writhed between the two. Her eyes shone with lust. She was ready to be f****d.

Fiction & Literature
16 June
Erotic Dreams

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