The Only Instruction You Need to Reignite Your Natural Inborn Ability

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This book is focused on a dedicated readership. There are many thousands of individuals who continue to practice mediumistic and psychic doctrines. Contrary to belief spiritualism is not on the decline. Many people in their early twenties have an interest in the subject. Therefore, the breadth of the age of the reader is significant. Not only this the fascination is worldwide. 

One issue is the 'spiritual churches' have failed to keep up with modern demands of time and accessibility. People lead lives with different timetables: Inevitably the older spiritualist churches have closed their doors. The closures have led to a high demand for teachings from new sources. 

Teaching the methods of mediumistic and psychic work has become a thriving industry. The difficulty is many of the 'teachers' have no practical experience, and the course and workshops often fall well short of the mark. Very few fulfil the claims of the prospectus. Although, on the contrary, there are some very good ones too. 

John Richardson is fortunate to be a member of a family with a long and verifiable history as mediums and psychics. Due to this 'connection', he has built an excellent reputation in this field. His opinion carries influence with those connected to, and interested in, the world of spiritualism. Some time ago he was presented with a short manuscript written by his aunt, found in a drawer, after her death: Her name was Ida Pimm. She practiced mediumship for over sixty years. As John read through aunt Ida's work, he realised it's content would appeal to a vast audience. 

There is a shortage of 'hands-on' information about the world of spiritualism. This book fulfils the demands of thousands who wish to learn about the traditional methods of spiritualism. One of the most appealing aspects of the book is Ida's words can be used effectively by the lone investigator. By studying the 'body' of the work, they can develop their mediumistic and psychic abilities, and this book contains all the instruction you need.

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6 August

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