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A man comes along. Perhaps someone you’re already friends with. He proposes a fling or friends with benefits. He’s hot or at least attractive. There’s a connection. He seems, however, to give strong indications that he’s a “Man Who Runs From Love”. Should you take a risk and get involved with him or should you play it safe and take a pass?

“Men Who Run From Love” have a very hard time with emotional closeness, but at the same time do not like too much distance, due to their own needs and desires for intimacy. 

Most pop psychology self-help books will advise a woman to stay away from this type of man. The truth is that MANY women will take the risk on a Man Who Runs From Love. They might not admit it but they do. And why?

Because we’re independent and sexually liberated now. If we want intimacy, sex, companionship, and/or a connection, why does it always have to be with a man we have the certainty of a future with? Why can't we have a passionate fling or a short term experience of love with a man we are not in a permanent relationship with? 

I’ve written four books for women about relationships with men over the past twenty years Don’t Call That Man! Don’t Text That Man! Don’t Lose That Man! and When He Can’t Commit but as times change in the age of the internet and technology, sexuality is so much more fluid. Relationships are becoming more flexible and creative. 

So rather than just putting another book out there about how to stay away from commitment phobic, narcissistic bad men, I wanted to offer a more depthful, psychological explanation of the prototypical Man Who Runs From Love. Because the truth and reality is women secretly want to know if there is anything more that they can do on their end to make a relationship work before cutting a man off for good and going “no contact.” 

Men Who Run From Love explores and analyzes these type of men’s psychological limitations and challenges and the causes of their relationship avoidant behavior in depth. The book also gives advise on how to stay in connection with a Man Who Runs From Love when he’s distancing, how to psychologically cope with his relationship avoidant behaviors and how to manage a relationship with him.

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September 1
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