Mesmerizing Caroline - The Beginning (Mind Control Erotica‪)‬

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Caroline's having problems at college. Falling grades, disciplinary issues - nothing's going right until she starts hypnotherapy. Suddenly, everything's turning around - her studies seem easier, and she's happier than she's ever been. But, why is she suddenly dressing so provocatively, and what's this strange fascination with the adult bookstore, particularly the gloryholes in the booths upstairs?

This erotic short story of approx. 12,000 words contains graphic descriptions of oral sex, lesbian sex and gooey, messy gloryhole fun.


Just like last week, the session seemed to end far too soon. Dr. Henderson had noticed the changes in her, and Caroline felt herself blushing a little when he'd told her how nice she looked. There had been a twinkle, deep in his eyes, when he looked at her. She wasn't sure exactly what that look had meant, but she realized that maybe he wasn't all that old - not really.
He asked about her week, and particularly about the pendant, seeming very pleased with her progress. During the session, he taught her some meditation and breathing exercises, to help her concentrate and maintain her focus. As her chest rose and fell with each deep in and out breath, Caroline noticed how awkward her bra felt - it was really restrictive and cumbersome. She'd never realized before just how confining and uncomfortable it was.
At one point, Dr. Henderson had corrected her, when she fidgeted during the meditation practice. Caroline felt a tingle inside at the stern note of command in that deep, rich voice, and a pulse of warmth from the pendant. She opened her eyes to see him staring at her, and felt a flush of excitement, mixed with just a little bit of fear.
Then he had lit the candle again, and his voice had washed over her, as before. She still couldn't remember the details, but she knew he had been praising her, at the beginning, and had given her more suggestions for ways she could be even better.
Caroline felt a flush of warmth every time she thought about agreeing with his suggestions, whatever they had been, and promising to do everything he told her. It was funny that she couldn't remember, now, exactly what she had been agreeing to. Still, she seemed to be doing well enough - Dr. Henderson said so. Whatever the suggestions had been, she was sure they'd come back to her, when the time was right.
The elevator was crowded again. She supposed it always was, at this particular time of day. She squeezed in, eagerly, waiting with some anticipation as the car resumed its descent. Sure enough, she soon felt a hand on her ass, again. The material of her dress was much thinner than her jeans, and she could feel the warmth of the man's hand - she was pretty sure it was a man. This time, Caroline wiggled her ass, pushing back against the hand and grinning to herself. She felt the press of his fingers as he squeezed her firm cheek.
Her way back to college took Caroline through a slightly seedy part of town, past liquor stores, pawn shops, adult movie theaters and even a large shop selling sex toys and porn. Last week, Caroline had hurried past, her eyes resolutely down-turned, and a disapproving expression on her face. Today, though, she was more curious. OK, her parents wouldn't have approved - her upbringing had been quite strict, in that regard - but, they weren't here, were they? Besides, she was a grown woman, now. It was time for her to decide for herself what she did and didn't approve of. The pendant seemed to agree with her, growing warm against her skin.
The entrance to the adult movie theater looked dark and mysterious, but the sex shop was brightly lit, with a colorful display in the large windows. Caroline stopped to look, curious about the strange collection of items on display - various bizarre-looking things made of plastic, rubber, metal and even glass.

Fiction & Literature
24 July
Imogen Linn

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