Midnight Promises Midnight Promises

Midnight Promises

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Publisher Description

Explore the Intensity of Forbidden Love in 'Midnight Promises'

Dive into the gripping tale of Eva Brook, the seemingly perfect girl with a hidden turmoil. An exemplary student and the girlfriend of the most popular boy in school, Eva's life appears flawless. Yet beneath the surface, she harbors a desperate need to unearth what feels amiss in her seemingly perfect existence.

Her journey begins with a shocking discovery of betrayal that shatters her world, leading her to end a long-term relationship. Determined to rediscover herself, Eva crafts a list of experiences she craves to explore, with the quest for pleasure topping her desires. A chance encounter with a mysterious stranger catapults her into a night so intense it forces her to question everything. But it's only when she flees into the darkness that she vows to repair the unseen scars within her.

Enter Matteo Ferrari, a man haunted by his own past—marked by obsession, violence, and irrevocable loss. Focused on his career and devoid of happiness, Matteo's life is a shadow of what it could be. Yet, the past he tries to forget keeps clawing back, prompting him to seek a fresh start in a tranquil town. Little does he know that a fleeting encounter with a captivating woman will reignite his desire to pursue happiness.

Their paths cross unexpectedly as the summer ends, with Eva discovering that the enigmatic man from her past is none other than her new literature teacher. As forbidden desires blur the lines of propriety, they both succumb to a passion that promises to change their lives forever. Eva asks for lessons in pleasure—what begins as a physical connection deepens into a complex bond that challenges their views on love and redemption.

Can the secrets forged under the cloak of midnight be the key to their salvation, or will they be their undoing? 'Midnight Promises' is a seductive blend of romance, mystery, and the quest for personal truth. Perfect for fans of emotionally charged love stories with a touch of suspense, this novel will keep you enthralled until the last page.

Uncover the secrets of 'Midnight Promises'—a story of finding light in the darkest of times, exploring the depths of passion, and the courage to seek redemption in the face of past demons.

3 May
Lily Clarke

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