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“Military Chic” is where high fashion meets “The Art of War”. You think the fashion industry is just about gorgeous clothes and beautiful models? More happens behind the scenes than you think. Gigi LaFaux is a fabulous gal. She’s a whip-smart philanthropic architect who can discuss international politics as easily as debating the latest hot celebrity makeover. But she’s giving up her successful architectural career to follow her passion: fashion. Moving from Calgary, aka “Stampede City” where cowboy hats and boots are the height of fashion, Gigi jumps right into Toronto’s fashion scene as Volunteer Coordinator for Canada’s premiere fashion event, Collections Week. The first day Gigi arrives at Collections Week to find the organizers missing in action. After facing challenges such as non-existent guest lists, irate media representatives, no floor or seating plans, and complete chaos, Gigi and her team take charge. When Veronikkah Hendricks - the event’s drug addicted and increasingly schizophrenic coordinator - and her self-absorbed assistant, Francie Scrimshank finally show up, after a trip to the hair salon, they’re no help at all. Veronikkah’s behaviour is erratic; she can’t make decisions and has a short temper thanks to her constant chemical cocktail of cocaine, Quaaludes, and alcohol. Francie is worse, with a cell phone at her ear constantly and preoccupation with herself. Her clothes, makeup, and hair are all more important to her than running the event. While trying to organize her volunteers and ensure Collections Week runs smoothly, Gigi runs into an unexpected love interest: Hot Brad. Not only is he a gorgeous model, but he’s smart, too. The problem is sometimes he’s flirty with Gigi, while other times he snuggles with his male model counterparts. Is he gay or straight? Over three days, Gigi and her volunteer team solve crisis after crisis, making Veronikkah look good, until Gigi discovers a dark side behind the glittering façade of Canadian Collections Week. After suffering limitless humiliation and insults, Gigi and her volunteers are subjected to the indignity of cleaning Veronikkah and Francie’s disastrously dirty office, where Gigi discovers evidence of illegal activities. She finds documents and receipts implicating Veronikkah in a string of spending sprees using Collections Week funds for European vacations, expensive dinners, and haute couture outfits. Embezzlement isn’t Veronikkah’s only illicit activity at Collections Week. Gigi finds drug paraphernalia in the room and discovers the so-called “Bolivian Designer Showcase” (intended as a partnership to broaden the market for designers from a less fortunate country) is actually a front for Canada’s biggest cocaine deal. Veronikkah plots to include the drug in VIP gift bags at the Bolivian showcase, and plans to pin it on Francie and the volunteers if she is caught. Not wanting to get busted for illegal activities, Gigi and her volunteer team intend to get even with Veronikkah for treating them poorly and potentially ruining the reputation of Canadian fashion designers. Gigi once again takes control of the situation by overtaking the runway at the Bolivian Designer Showcase, revealing Veronikkah’s plans to her colleagues and the media. In the mayhem following Gigi’s announcement, Veronikkah slips backstage, captures Hot Brad, and blames him for her downfall since he has her laptop computer. With a bit of luck, Gigi stops Veronikkah with a well-aimed stiletto heel in the eyeball and saves Hot Brad’s life. It turns out Veronikkah is right about Hot Brad participating in her descent: he is not a model at all. He’s an undercover journalist named Christian VanDorn investigating Veronikkah’s activities. His boss, Chloe Kirkpatrick – Veronikkah’s lifelong nemesis – orchestrated the journalistic investigation and both relied on Gigi’s inquisitive nature to put everything together. Following Collections Week, Gigi and Chloe become friends and plan to create a...

Fiction & Literature
October 10