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Samantha just finished a job of being a surrogate mother for a couple whom greatly desired a baby. She had been paid handsomely for her work. She had been given medications to make a smooth transition to being an ordinary women again. But, she had refused the medicines to stop her breasts from lactating and expanding.

She loved the new sensation. Her breasts were like lightning when even brushed slightly.

Soon, she realized, she needed "relief".

And then she met Andy and everything changed. Andy was mesmorized by Samantha's bursting breats. And Samantha was happy to oblige.

Download this hot, erotic milking erotic story today, to learn the full fun the two had together.


Warning: This 5,400 word story is pure lactation erotica, and for adults only. It contains scenes of rapid breast expansion, breast suckling, overflowing breasts, and plenty of milk to go around. For adults only. All characters portrayed are 18 years of age or older.


Excerpt from the story:

I was desperate to feel someone else’s touch. Stroking my own nipples, standing erect, sent spasms of a new kind of thrill down my body to my pussy, which quickly began to feel wet. I stroked my hands from my taught breasts down my soft abdomen, still surprisingly flat despite their being a child inside me so recently, but the skin softer, gentler, my hips wider, and I yearned to ease the tension that built, touching myself and sliding a finger inside and feeling my slick juices on the folds of my c**t, feeling my c**t swell and throb and I touched myself, dipping my fingers in and stroking myself until I came, suddenly and violently, gasping and trying to swallow down the cries that burst from me.

Fiction & Literature
April 23
Readerstone Publishing, LLC

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