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This is the first in a three-volume course. It is highly recommend that you start by using this book and then move on to volume 2 and 3.

The three books in this series form a most profound and comprehensive course on mystical or spiritual psychology. The unique combination of teachings and practical exercises gives you everything you need in order to change your life and manifest greater abundance. 

A Course in Abundance is released as direct revelation from the ascended master Mother Mary who leads the Office of the Divine Mother for all people on earth. Her warm, personal and nurturing guidance shows you how to overcome the psychological blocks that prevent you from expressing your full creative potential. In this book you will learn:

• How to accept the abundant life as the natural, God-given condition for yourself 

• How to free yourself from the consciousness of lack that causes most people to spend their lives struggling 

• How to stop subconsciously rejecting abundance and consciously accept what is freely given to you 

• Where abundance comes from and why you cannot take a passive approach to receiving it 

• How your mind is designed to be a conduit for a flow of spiritual energy 

• How to open up and direct this energy flow so it produces spiritual and material abundance in your life 

• Why mind over matter is not only possible but natural because matter is mind

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May 9
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