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You needn't be a golfer or yachtsman to enjoy stories where they play a part.

Rivalry in the golfing world leads to desperate measures, and romance. When Dominic Thorn's business selling golf equipment is threatened by former golfer Keith Livermore, he enlists the help of various friends in Madeira. There is Catherine, divorced wife of golfing star Justin O'Brien, her father, the Major, concerned when an old army buddy turns up, who knows of the Major's fling with Jackie, Livermore's mother. Then flamboyant Jackie arrives to complicate matters.

Catherine and her daughter Fiona, who has been ill and is therefore missing school, are visiting Catherine's parents who live in Madeira. She is wondering about the feasibility of running her business of making party clothes for children from the island. She is far from pleased when her former husband Justin O'Brien, golfing star, arrives, annoyed that she has taken Fiona out of England.

They meet Keith Livermore, drunk and obnoxious, at a party given by Dominic's parents. He was also a golf professional, but now runs an Internet business selling golfing equipment. He wants to take over a similar business run by Dominic Thorn from shops in Spain, Portugal and Madeira. When Dominic rejects him Livermore becomes aggressive.

Catherine's father long ago had a fling with a barmaid, Jackie, and is worried when an old army friend who also knew Jackie arrives. He does not wish his wife to know, but Jackie, Livermore's mother unexpectedly turns up. Life becomes more dangerous.

Crime & Thrillers
February 15
Marina Oliver

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