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Missing children! Internet predators! Dead bodies!

She crossed his arms over his chest, and placed the jade beads in his eyes. ‘To remind you of me,’ she said.

Jade was 13 when she disappeared, five years ago, and DS Bill Murphy suspects someone from her family is responsible for recent Dundee murders. But is it her mother, Diane, who now suffers from OCD? Or Emma, her twin sister, who was catatonic for a year after Jade’s disappearance. Or Jade’s brother, Ryan, who enjoys dressing in women’s clothes and is going through a sexuality crisis, unsure whether or not he is gay.

What happened to Jade? Is she alive or dead? Or has she returned to wreak a terrible revenge on all male predators?

Chris Longmuir is an award winning novelist. Night Watcher, the first book in the Dundee Crime Series, won the Scottish Association of Writers’ Pitlochry Award, and the sequel, Dead Wood, won the Dundee International Book Prize, as well as the Pitlochry Award.

Crime & Thrillers
September 26
Chris Longmuir

Customer Reviews

Kasia Kossak ,

An excellent, well crafted story

You should be warned that this is a harrowing read - it is, after all, a psychological crime thriller, involving paedophilia and murder. The subject matter is grim and at times it's a distressing read too. But the characters - especially the police involved - are real, vivid, well rounded and engaging. The pacing of this story, the way it 'hangs together' simply pulls you onwards to the end. The city of Dundee is clearly well known to the author, and almost becomes another character in the novel, so vividly and - yes - lovingly is it depicted by a writer with a finely tuned sense of place. But most of all, I found myself admiring the sheer craft of this novel, the breathless intricately intertwined string of events, the way in which this reader at least really needed to know what happened next! The author is a very fine storyteller indeed.

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