Missions and Secrets in Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor

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This unofficial guide to Middle Earth: The Shadow of Mordor lists all of the key elements of the game in detail and also offers a comprehensive walkthrough for all of its quests (both main and side quests) . It should prove useful in finding all of the attractions in the game developed by the Monolith Productions, in dealing with the most demanding opponents and finding all of the best hidden treasures. The initial chapters of this walkthrough are devoted to the description of the most important issues connected with melee fight, ranged fight, acting from shadows and exploration of the game world. Next, you will learn about Sauron's Army (Nemesis system), i.e. one of the unique elements of the game. In that chapter, you can find information and hints, among others, concerned with discovering the members of the army, learning about their weak and strong points, their development and promotions, their activity independent of the player's activity, as well as on rewards that you are granted for their elimination highly-valuable runes). The next big chapter of this guide revolves around the protagonist. It goes into detail describing Talion's development. In there, you will learn how to unlock new abilities, attributes and how to upgrade weapons (sword, bow, dagger). Arguably, the most space in this guide has been devoted to the walkthrough for all of the missions available in the game. This means, first of all, the 20 storyline missions, although you can also find walkthroughs for side missions here. These are connected with civilians and various types of weapons. The final part of the guide has been devoted to finding collectibles. It has been enriched with maps of the available locations, which are going to be helpful while locating the treasures. The whole has been rounded up with pages connected with completing additional challenges and unlocking achievements. Middle Earth: The Shadow of Mordor is an action-adventure game in the world of The Lord Of the Rings. During the game, you control Talion, who returns to the world of the living, after his death, for reasons unknown to him. Now he is searching to exact revenge on the murderers of his family. 

This guide for Middle Earth: The Shadow of Mordor:

- A handful of hints connected with combat, acting from shadows and exploration of the virtual Middle Earth; 

- Description of the game's mechanics, connected with the Nemesis system, i.e. Sauron's army (learning about its members, their activities in the game world, the way to eliminate them and rewards connected with that);

- Information on the development of the main protagonist (abilities, attributes), as well as upgrades for the weapons used by him;

- A detailed walkthrough for all the main missions of the game's storyline; 

- A detailed walkthrough for all the side missions (helping civilians, missions connected with using weapons);

- A list of all the collectibles available in the game, including hi-res maps with their locations marked;

- Information on completing additional challenges;

- A list of achievements and hints on how to obtain them.

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