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From the co-author of EKG's in a Nutshell and Ventilator Management in a Nutshell, Dr. Sheppard presents a personal guide to financial management meant specifically for the families of young physicians.  However, this guide is sufficiently generalized as to be applicable to any person interested in not waking up one morning at retirement age, having no source of income from which to even consider retiring.  There have been a host of such guides written, but this one is quite different in its conservative approach and focus on the physician mind set.  Physicians and other well-educated individuals who earn a sizable income often find investing for retirement to be a daunting task wrought with more pitfalls than successes.  Having the good fortune of sizable cash flow in the early years gives one a false sense of security and more often than not, leads the inexperienced investor into scams and other bad deals that trash one's opportunities to succeed.  Physicians have sufficient income to avoid the temptation and risk of investing with other people's money.  But they don't.  The success of competing in such a demanding discipline as medicine lures the young physician into a sense of over confidence, thinking that because we know so much about a specific topic, we must know a lot about investing as well. We don't!  And if we don't know, who will teach us?  This guide is intended to temper more than forty years of experience in business, medicine, investing and life to help protect young physicians and others from making the mistakes so prevalent among this select group of professionals.  This guide lays out a simple yet effective method of investing for the later years in a bite sized achievable approach.

Business & Personal Finance
November 5

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