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After returning home from her exotic adventures during the Golden Age of Piracy, Kim's surprised to find that her hunky pirate lover has suddenly appeared in her New York apartment. Apparently, time-travel goes both ways, and Captain Charles Bellamy wasn’t ready to let her go so easily.

But can a sun-kissed pirate captain survive modern day New York? More importantly, can New York survive him?

Kim has a few ideas that could make him feel more at home – even if he doesn’t understand the city, he knows everything he needs to about her curves.

The love of a full-figured girl is the greatest treasure of all, but in the shadows a strange man awaits... prepared to do anything to fix a 'time-traveling mistake'.

Is this the end of their centuries-spanning romance, or can two lovers separated by both time and place finally find a way to stay together? 

This 16,200-word BBW pirate love story contains detailed explicit descriptions of outdoor sex in Central Park between a full-figured modern girl and thickly muscled, tanned pirate captain.

It's intended for the enjoyment of adult readers only (especially those who love pirate romance).

More Curves For Her Pirate is the second part of a two-part pirate romance. Each part is written to entertain on its own, but you may want to read Part One (Curves for Her Pirate) first.

The first part should be no-cost via a search at your favorite on-line retailer or at my site.

Fiction & Literature
August 29
Leslie Diver

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