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Happy ever after seems so easy for some people. But not for us. We’re locked somewhere between love and hate.

I've loved Shawn nearly all my life. But college is almost over, and it kills me that he's been with every girl in town except me. It's time I let go of old dreams, and of this pain. I'm just not sure I'm strong enough. He's like a tattoo . . . permanently inked on my heart.
But when the foundation of my life crumbles, who will be there for me?

Ink, sex, and lies—that's me. I'm the guy who screws a girl against the wall and then walks. I've been pushing Tara away for years, knowing she’s too good for me, even though it burns to see her with other guys. Now she’s the one walking and I’m not sure I can handle losing her.
Then tragedy rips our lives apart, and I realize too late that I wasted my chance.

Love is stronger than lies . . . or is it? 

You'll cry, you'll sigh and you'll squirm in your seat—get your copy of More Than Lies today!

September 21
N. E. Henderson

Customer Reviews

Lisahers ,

Great drama filled read

Taralynn is in love with Shawn and has been since they met when they were young. Shawn feels just the same for Taralynn, but he hides beneath endless one time hook-ups because he doesn't feel like he's good enough for Taralynn and doesn't do relationships with any woman.

Taralynn lives with Shawn and their two other roommates so she can't escape him, but her parents aren't good to her especially her mother, so she can't stay there. That's why she does not understand why she didn't find a place of her own and move on from both, but where her mother was concerned I think she hoped she could maybe one day please her.

Between Taralynn and Shawn they have some dramas between them, Taralynn is still at college and works part time where as Shawn works full time. Taralynn tells Shawn every times she's drunk how she feels, but still knowing he pushes her away and refuses to give into temptation.

Secrets, lies, love and betrayal are never easy in one relationship never mind others, so once everything comes to light can Taralynn and Shawn be together? How will it shape the other relationships in their lives?

I really did enjoy this book, which was a first by this author.

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