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A blasted future where cities have turned predator. Stalking robotic hunters who cannot die. And Tom, a humble London apprentice who's just stumbled upon a terrible weapon... and a betrayal that will smash his world apart.

Young Adult
December 16
Scholastic UK

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Sushi12++ ,


Omg 😮 This book is incredible. It has such an interesting storyline with so much drama and suspense. It’s one of those books that you can’t put down and just have to keep on reading until you figure out something important and then there’s another thing you want to figure out and it keeps on repeating this cycle. As much as I wanted to find out what happened at the end, when I did finish it, I just wanted it to carry on, and luckily there are more books in the series so I can read them longer. I definitely recommend it to people who enjoyed hunger games, I’m not sure why but I feel like mortal engines has an almost as good storyline and if you haven’t, read the Hunger Games! Anyway, mortal engines is set in the future where there are traction cities: towns and cities and different communities that are housed on big moving machines/ vehicles. It is a town eat town world and the prey are starting to grow scarce for London. A boy called Tom meets a girl called Hester with a crazy and horrific story. They have to work together to outrun a ‘stalker’, survive in the out country and unravel a secret that could potentially destroy millions of lives.

Please read this book as I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Pixiepixelpaige ,

Top fav book ever!!

I have read my fair share of books in my life so far and out of all of them my favourite love, struggle and drama has to be this series. Got really upset when I couldn't find the books (I love hard copies) but when I found it on my iPad I literally did a happy dance. If you want a book/E-book that will put you on the edge of your seat. Make you scream at the pages, cry, laugh. This is the book for you. A mixed up view on the future which still makes sense pick this up :) you won't want to put it down and will want to continue the series.
I put this book above the shiver trilogy and raven boys (my two other fav series of books).

Pixie x

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