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For Jim Sain, the eccentric, controversial, and frequently naked mayor of Berkeley, California, life is never dull—and that’s just the way he likes it. In this, the final installment of his mR. bERZERKELEY trilogy, Jack McLaughlin wraps up his love song to the other city by the bay.

Mayor Sain has a lot on his mind these days. He’s in Virginia City, involved in a murder trial; the accused is Asia, his half-sister, and she has been charged with their father’s murder. Jim’s an up-and-coming reality television star whose rise to fame and (possible) fortune is the talk of Hamilton House. He’s also the king of Mardi Gras in his spare time. BTW-he’s still supposed to be running a city!

Meanwhile, life at the boarding house is as outlandish as ever. No one knows quite what to think after Josh disappears. He is the target of a Chinese gang leader, and his life takes a confusing turn when he loses his memory and returns … as an alligator hunter. Sarah soldiers on in her search for the one she now loves. The controversial culmination of Asia’s dog-cloning experiment draws near. And poor Bessie must deal with sadness she always feels when all the boarders leave after another wild and wacky year. But at least she has the new school year to cheer her up, when a new cast of characters brings fresh life to Hamilton House.

Decisions are made, risks taken, drama endured, adventure survived, and excitement abounds as the mR. BERZERKELEY trilogy comes to a dazzling and bittersweet end.

Fiction & Literature
March 12

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