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Paul Weller wrote some of the best songs during his sabbatical with The Style Council - from savvy socially-conscious pop to effortless love songs. Between 1983 and 1985, its as if Paul was happiest taking chances, usurping expectations, borrowing magpie-like from the past and remoulding it for the present (in true Mod fashion). Iain Munn must be congratulated for flying the flag for Weller's least understood musical exploit: The ultimate fans eye view of Weller's seven year itch.

"Painstakingly accurate" - Paul Weller
"A constant memory jogger for me" - Mick Talbot
"An excellent reference" - Steve White
"Love the book" - Dee C Lee

Mr Cool's Dream, The Complete History of The Style Council is a fascinating trip into what Paul Weller was trying to achieve and why he HAD to split The Jam at their peak. This book interviews dozens of former band members, including exclusive Forewords or reviews from the 4 main players - Paul Weller, Mick Talbot, Steve White and Dee C Lee. 

It is still the only book in existence dedicated to The Style Council and exhaustively covers every release, tour, story and more. Featuring over 17 forewords and memories from former band members, there isn't a book on Paul Weller's career that goes anywhere near the detail held within Mr Cool's Dream.

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December 30
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Customer Reviews

basstrack ,

Confessions of a ...fan

This book is like a time machine, it takes me back toy youthful past, full of promises of long hot summers and nights gazing at the stars, to say this evokes a great time in our popular music is an understatement, the book is written with love and passion about a group that touched the hearts of so many. If you care about real music I would say grab a pew and sit down for a great read.
Rick 2013

jambodarren ,

A Modernists Dream !!

Absolutely everything you need to know about The Style Council. Written with genuine affection and love, this is the perfect read for any music fan that has even a passing interest in TSC or Weller. Like everything modernist, the attention to detail in the book is phenomenal. Very highly recommended !!

Millie80r ,

If You've Ever Had it Blue . . . .

. . . . . . or even just A Casual Affair with The Style Council, then this is the book for you.
This book takes you right back to those Long Hot Summers of the Eighties in Style.
Excellent !!