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Murder In Woodbury -Stephanie Rawls meets up with a charming killer, resulting in a murder that could have been prevented. Daniel Caiman is smart, handsome, and funny. He is also delusional and paranoid, believing that a whole town is out to get him. Stephanie innocently becomes part of ‘the conspiracy.’ During the murder trial and subsequent civil case against the family of the killer, it is revealed that a severely psychotic Daniel was not only protected by his parents, but also supplied with the murder weapon. Despite all the warning signs, Daniel’s parents may just as well have pulled the trigger themselves. Harry Cohen, small town lawyer, goes head to head against a powerful law firm to fight the good fight. And although there was no legal precedent requiring a private citizen to warn or protect a potential victim, he decides to take on the civil case on behalf of the victim’s family. While the defense attempts to block him at every turn, his victory sets a new standard and a legal precedent that is sited to this day.

Silent Plight - When Morgan Foster becomes a New York Times best selling author, she thinks the road ahead is paved with sweet freedom. But World Boutique Publishing has other plans and hands her a less than plum assignment. Sent off to write yet another version of a tired, over used formula story, Morgan gets way more than she bargained for.
As her alter ego comes alive in the main character, Morgan discovers that her quiet, suppressed life disappointments are not so quiet after all. She begins to crave the fictitious life she has created until she realizes that this fantasy comes with a huge price.

Crime & Thrillers
August 9
Jill Province

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