Mutiny In the Dugout Notes Mutiny In the Dugout Notes

Mutiny In the Dugout Notes

Notes and Story Structure Breakdown

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This is the notes for "Mutiny In The Dugout."  It contains the character background and the story structure breakdown along with a preview of the first 15 pages.

The kids have had enough of out-of-control parents, coaches, and abusive drill sergeants.  After a typical day of coaches cursing and hitting kids, booing from the stands, and parents fighting in the parking lot, the kids are at their wits' end.  It's mutiny in the dugout.  The kids go on strike, pulling out picket signs to let their parents know they've finally crossed the line. 

Charlie, 29, a pro baseball player with the Alaskan Gold Panners, comes home to visit his ailing father, Gordon. Gordon's wish is for Charlie to take dad's beloved team to the Little League World Series.  Charlie's reluctance is overshadowed by his past mistakes.  In high school, a jealous Charlie hurled a fastball at Abe, smashing his brother's collarbone and his shot at a scholarship.  Angry at Charlie's lack of remorse for his action, Gordon sends Charlie away to face the world alone to endure a life of endless wondering.

After helping the team T.P. his dad's house, Charlie reluctantly agrees to coach the kids to a Little League championship.  Abe, now a minster, reluctantly agrees to help.  Herbert, who runs his own military-style baseball training camp, has other plans. With the aid of league president, Judy, they conspire to beat Charlie's team and franchise his boot camp across the country.  In a cliffhanger playoff game, Seth, Charlie's star pitcher, throws a secret new pitch forcing the batter to strike out and lose the game.  The celebration of their stunning victory is short lived when  Charlie delivering a motivational speech to drug-abusing teens at Abe's church, sees first-hand how organize sports can negatively affect kids. Charlie then realizes he has exiled himself from life and love in an internal East of Eden.  Reaching a separate peace with Abe, Charlie sets out on a path to beat Herbert and restore the innocence of Little League.

In the final battle to determine which team will be going to Williamsport, Charlie's team faces impossible odds after being forced to trade on their star players, Casey.  After adding Casey to his arsenal, Herbert secretly recruits 6-foot tall, 12-year old twin ringers. So, Charlie turns the final game into a literal three-ring circus.  But Charlie saves the best for last, when his players go on strike. The kids march to the outfield with pickets signs and are soon joined by 200 fellow little leaguers.  In a last ditch effort, Herbert protests, with megaphone in hand, that he is the true winner.  Charlie proves that sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war.

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    10 April
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