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Meet Freddie Glass, bold, outspoken 25-year-old African American who thinks she has the world figured out. A vain young woman who loves to dress stylishly, Freddie boasts that her only use for men occurs when she “get[s] the urge to go out—or just get[s] the urge,” and she insists on buying five-hundred-dollar outfits when she doesn’t have money to keep food in the fridge. Standing at the threshold of the nineties, Freddie holds racial views that were more popular in the seventies. And as a transplanted Philadelphian, she doesn’t realize that her contempt for the South reflects her own ignorance more than it does that of the “inarticulate” Southern blacks she despises.

But Freddie’s prejudicial rush through life comes to a halt when she meets Amanda, the new wife of Freddie’s twin brother Fred. An Alabaman living in Georgia, Amanda’s gentle, nurturing, selfless ways, as well as her disciplined dietary and housekeeping habits, jolt Freddie into something she has never experienced before: an actual unselfish friendship with another woman. And when erotic images about Amanda begin to seep into Freddie’s thinking, she must reevaluate not only her sexuality but also her feelings about the South and the contentious relationship she has with her twin brother.

(AUTHOR´S WARNING: Coarse language, strong sexual content; not suitable for all readers.)

Fiction & Literature
November 19
Toni Breland

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Citag123 ,

A Must Read

This was quite different to other books that I have read in that I didn't like the main protagonist and didn't feel that I needed to or was intended to but I still enjoyed the book. It was well written with a straight forward plot and not too many characters.