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Summer loses herself in a forbidden affair with a gorgeous bad boy alpha. And her lustful choices threaten to destroy her comfortable safe life.  Can she put aside her bad boy temptations and stay in a marriage she feels bound to?

She was a young woman from the poor side of town with a dark past. She gave up on her dreams too young, but chance reunited her with the gorgeous stud she briefly met one time many years earlier. He was wild and strong. A billionaire and also protector of his dark secrets.

Against her better judgment, she finally succumbs to her desires for the touch of a bad boy alpha. But her taboo lust spirals quickly out of her control. She's a naughty brat who is coming of age searching for real love.

This is the best of today's hottest erotic romances from Sylvia Day and EL James. Where Summer O'dette, a young woman from the  trailer parks, takes you on a journey into the world of hot second chance sex with an older man.

Here it is. One of the most talked about young adult romance suspense novels of 2017. 

"My Husband's Boss" is hot billionaire boss romance. It contains mature situations.

Fiction & Literature
February 20
John Handy

Customer Reviews

Em_hartley ,

Confusing 😤

I've just read this book, I have to say it is extremely confusing and I still had to re-read the majority of the paragraphs. Eventually at the end I gave up I absolutely did not understand the end. Maybe somebody else will have better luck.

leonzie_13 ,

It was ok_but I don’t understand this book at all 🥺

When I read the first few pages I was thinking ok yea I mean so there’s this girl who likes this boy but doesn’t want anyone finding out then after that I was supppper confused can some explain I mean I haven’t read the whole book but I don’t plan to ....

kare-kuma ,

Wow this is appallingly bad!

I've never EVER written a negative review. But I couldn't get past the first chapter of this book. It's terribly written, horrendous spelling errors and I couldn't keep up with the MC's thoughts. Too many tangents and such a fickle personality. If I could give this zero star rating, I would. I have read plenty of romance books, this is by far the worst. Sorry, but it is and I wouldn't waste your time reading it.

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