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A job well done requires the best tool. Femme Fatale Jennifer Licks is in desperate need of a really good tool. She meets Private Detective Mick Hardwood, who knows right away what it is she needs. They bang out the details of their arrangement, and Mick agrees to meet with her later that evening to help her out of a tight spot. Warning: contains explicit descriptions of oral and hetero sex. Warning: this 3024 contains hot oral and doggie-style cheating sex between a hard-boiled private detective and a femme fatale. For mature readers only. Excerpt: Mick walked up the front steps to the door. His heart pounded in his chest, and his head felt a little light. He reached down and adjusted the front of his slacks again. The image of Mrs. Licks’ ass lingered in his mind, and he couldn’t keep himself from sporting a semi. He knocked. A muffled voice called out “Come in!” from somewhere inside. Mick opened the door and walked through. He stood in a little foyer. There was an empty coat rack on his left, so he slipped off his duster and fedora and put them on the hooks. “Up here, Detective!” Mick walked up the stairs two at a time. He opened the door. Jennifer sat with her crossed legs dangling over the foot of the bed. She still had the red dress on, and her tits moved up and down as she breathed. She looked down at his pants. He looked too. The front of his slacks was pointed out like a tent. Jennifer’s lush red lips turned up in a smile, “Hello, sailor. Come here.”

Fiction & Literature
January 25
Jillian Cumming

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