My Sinful Love

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Publisher Description

A wildly sexy, emotional, and suspenseful romance novel from #1 New York Times Bestselling author Lauren Blakely…

She was my what if girl. The one I longed for. The one I tried to find again after she left for the other side of the world.

Now, years later, fate has swept the only woman I’ve ever loved back into my life. 

With her intensity, her honesty, her passion, Annalise tries to break down my walls, because she’s the one who knew me before my family shattered.

When we collide again, it's tender and savage, gentle and rough, and makes me hungry for more of this electric, once-in-a-blue moon kind of connection.

If I want to keep her close, I’ll have to serve up the whole truth of where I went and what I did after she left.

But if I do, I risk losing her again, and that’s not a fate I’m ready to face. Not when each day brings me closer to finding the people who ripped my family apart and seeing them put behind bars. 

Until the day I learn Annalise is holding the final piece of the puzzle to solving the mystery.

28 March
Lauren Blakely Books

Customer Reviews

LilleyLoohLah ,

5 What If Stars

Holy moly! What an epic conclusion. What I was expecting was a love story, second chance love, a little bit of down and dirty maybe. What I got was an epic conclusion to the mystery that has been surrounding the Paige-Prince/Sloane siblings for 18 years. Oh and yes, a second chance sexy romance in the mix. How does an author tie in all these stories, all these characters, all the timeframes and all those loose ends? I have no idea, but Lauren Blakely pulled it off. After I’ve lived and loved this family for the last four books I can tell you it was absolutely perfect, such a clever, flawless, intriguing story, full of suspense, drama and let’s not forget the sexy time, because, no one writes sexy time quite like Ms Blakely. So many emotions, so many clever plot twists, and a truly beautiful dedication to finish the series off. Sebastian York, the perfect Michael. Vanessa Edwin the perfect What If Girl, Annalise. Then we have all the additional narrators perfectly narrating all the additional characters. With such a fantastic team of narrators this story really lends itself to audio.

CeeCeeHouston ,

The series is done!!!

It’s been an action-packed ride to reach this last book in this four-part series, and My Sinful Love carries the torch with aplomb. This is the conclusion to the story of how the Paige-Princes became Sloans and what really happened the night their father was murdered. It’s been eighteen years since the events that left them all but orphans. This was a compelling story from the very first page, full of drama and mystery, and of course the sassy banter and sexy scenes that Lauren writes with such ease. This was Michael and Annalise's story. Annalise Delacroix was the girl who got away. She and Michel were sweethearts before his father’s untimely demise. But, they split afterward and now, years later they meet again. Annalise is now a widow, and if Michel wants to win her back, he’s going to have to go all out and open up to her. He’s got a battle to win her heart again and it’s one he’ll face head-on. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes in this story, and does Annalise unknowingly hold a clue? I really enjoyed this book and how it ended. Lauren brought all the characters and loose ends from the previous three books and tied them up in a neat little bow.

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