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Publisher Description

If laughter is the best medicine, then receiving your shot through the sparkling syringe of children's conversation is a highly endorsed, AMA (Always Marvelously Amusing) method of feel-good delivery. Perk up your ears as young Myles Hedd and his twin sister, Reiko-Bernardine, explore the wonders and questions that accompany a minor's allegiance to The Heavenly Father and Christ our King. Let loose a hearty guffaw as our witty witness for wonderful wisdom unleashes his unique insight into the mysterious ways of our incomparable Creator. And when you're done receiving your humorous injection of filial frankness, pass this book of cartoons along so others may be blessed with blissful belly laughs. Let our boy wonderful help to make your day, so that sluggish road warriors eating your dust can see your Christian joy and wonder how you managed with such hard-charging determination to get Myles A Hedd.

Donnell "The Man from A.N.K.L.E." Owens is a guy that likes to do a bunch of different things in the name of fun and excitement. Originally from Chicago, he now resides in beautiful Burbank, CA. He worked many years for Paramount Pictures doing a lot of cool junk. But Christian entertainment is his first calling. Proverbs 17:22 proclaims that a merry heart does good like medicine. If that's true (and it is), then The Man from A.N.KL.E. thanks his Wonderful Lord and Savior for making his daily dosages readily available on the popular B.L.A.C. (Believers Loving And Chuckling) Market. Email The Man from A.N.K.L.E. at blurbyourenthusiasm@gmail.com. Or check out his website at donnellowens.com. Christ is the answer no question!

Young Adult
November 19