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Low Sperm Count
Tobacco and Sterility
Premature Ejaculation
Conception And Miscarriage
Stopped Menstrual Cycle
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A healthy, happy family unit, with generations following one after another, that is the dream of every normal human being out there.

A couple of days ago a friend asked me, how come I had never written a book about natural remedies going back to ancient times, used to cure personal problems, both for men and women?

Let me admit that I am a nine-minute hard-boiled egg, and have worked in a hospital, so the human anatomy and its natural functions should be no stranger to me – but I literally and figuratively blushed. And well, you can say, it is possible that I’m not used to hearing personal health problems being discussed in mixed society.

That is because even in this modern and so-called “liberated” day and age, there are many of us who are really uncomfortable about talking about personal diseases or ailments. You can call this a part of upbringing and culture, or you can call it a part of some deep-rooted instinct, which does not want people to know all about your own private and personal problems like possible sterility if you are a male, or barrenness, or cramps, or possibly dysmenorrhea if you are a female.

Yet, there are so many personal diseases out there, which can be cured naturally, and through which quacks have been earning their livelihoods for millenniums, all around the World.

If you move around anywhere in the old East, you are going to be fascinated by a number of supposedly ancient remedies being sold on the streets. These are being sold by people who are able to persuade a large number of people that they have the surefire cure for personal ailments especially loss of virility.

Which let me tell you has been a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual issue for men, down the ages, and is a natural part of life. This is the same way females have a wanting to be a mother, however much in the 21st century she presents a front of “I really don’t have the time to be a mother and bear children…”

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December 30
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