Naughty And Nasty: 3 Erotic Tales Naughty And Nasty: 3 Erotic Tales

Naughty And Nasty: 3 Erotic Tales

    • £2.99
    • £2.99

Publisher Description

He grabbed me roughly by the legs and flipped me over on my back, pulling me towards him...

Naughty and Nasty brings together the stories of three women in three very different situations - and they all want to be downright dirty and nasty! Skip being nice - these bad girls know who they want and they're damn well going to make sure they get their man...

WARNING: Naughty and Nasty is a 15,100+ word collection of hardcore erotica short stories, intended for adult readers aged 18 or over only.

Ugly Girls Come First: Rachel might believe that she has a face like a half-melted waxwork that's been tarred and feathered, but it doesn't stop her from lusting after her sexy neighbor, who just so happens to be a double of Brad Pitt - Thelma and Louise years. She's the beast, and he's the beauty, but Rachel believes in fairy tales enough to think that she can entice the hunk into bed with her. She hatches a plan..

Hypnoslut: Of all the mistakes that Jenni's made so far in her short life, trying to win back the affections of her ex-boyfriend hypnotist Dane has to rank right at the top. Dane is not a kind man, and hypnotizes Jenni into turning into nothing more than a nympho bimbo who needs a man a day to spank her - and more. Worse yet, Dane has ensured that she's aware of what she's doing - but unable to stop herself...

Seducing The Biker: It's been six months since Jane's husband passed away and she felt the warm touch of another man on her skin. On an impulse, she heads to the run down Joe's Bar to find a hunky biker who can take care of her needs -- Brett.

Fiction & Literature
24 March
Dirty Eros

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