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Sarah just got caught--twice. Her boyfriend of eleven years (see Horny Chad series) has just learned that Sarah has taken another lover and her new lover has just learned that Sarah had a boyfriend. What comes next is a desperate plea by Sarah for her Chilean lover, Aldamo, to give her a second chance. He does but it comes with a price--a week of daily spankings, starting immediately. This story captures Sarah's very first punishment spanking and the sweet release that comes after.  [Short story, erotica: 5,119 words. Includes spanking, punishment.]


NAUGHTY SARAH 2 — Sarah is on day five of her week long spanking punishment for lying to her Chilean boyfriend, Aldamo. Her bottom is sore and the daily spankings are getting harder to take. To her amazement, though, she’s feeling closer than ever to her beautiful lover. She feels happy and loved. So why is she planning to lie to Aldamo again?  [Short story, erotica: 3,685 words. Includes spanking, punishment, masturbation.]

NAUGHTY SARAH 3 — At a little motel half way between their two colleges, Sarah is meeting up with her ex-boyfriend, Chad. She needs for Chad to accompany her to her cousin’s wedding but Chad is exacting a price—he wants her “other” virginity. Now Sarah is faced with cheating on her new love with her old love, and her decision will cost her more than she could ever know. [Short story erotic romance, 6,161 words. Includes oral, a**l, and voyeurism.]

NAUGHTY SARAH BUNDLE 1-3 + HORNY CHAD 5 — This collection of stories 1 - 3 of Naughty Sarah also contains Horny Chad 5 from the Horny Chad series.  The collection includes romance, oral sex, a**l sex, fingering, masturbation, voyeurism, spanking and punishment.  TOTAL WORDS: 16,601.

Fiction & Literature
15 July
Ada O'Flaherty

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